Our Financial Stability Program

Our program is designed to help participants onto a road of financial empowerment and self-sufficiency. The pillars of our program are free financial classes; financial incentives to encourage systematic savings and personal development; coaching in the areas of personal finance and credit repair; and free tax preparation. 

Financial Classes

Free financial education is the cornerstone of our financial stability program. We host live classes through out the year in various locations withing Polk, Hardee, and Highland counties. The classes are a series of four sessions in a comfortable, non-judgmental environment that will teach you how to be smarter with your money no matter what your circumstances. We cover how to budget, get out of debt, save and invest, and improve credit reports. If you are unable t attend live classes, the curriculum is also available online. We also have a Young Adult and Spanish curriculum. And, we provide free breakfast, dinner, or lunch at each session! See our financial classes page for our current class schedule.   

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Jennifer Olivas, Financial Stability Coach